Reader Response Journal

You have several different options for your reader response questions:

  1. Answer the question in a written format that fulfills all aspects of the rubric.
  2. Create a timeline of the events in Lyddie’s life in this chapter. You may need to refer to previous events in her life as they relate to events laid out in this chapter. Explain the importance of the event, including connections to characters in the book or world events.
  3. Draw a picture of {OBJECT/EVENT/CHARACTER} and include an explanation of the drawing, why you chose to draw it this way, and how this drawing provides insight into the plot, characters, setting, or time of this book.
  4. Create a "Dear Lyddie" advice column (in the style of Dear Abby)….Write a problem and a solution. (Click to see sample Dear Abby )
  5. If Lyddie and {CHARACTER} could “text” or “email” each other, what might they write?
  6. Choose 3 characters in this chapter, think of 5 character traits to describe each character. What role do these characters play in Lyddie's life? How do they influence, inspire, annoy or confuse Lyddie?
  7. What might Lyddie put on her "wish list" of things she wants for herself and others, and why?
  8. Choose a decision of Lyddie's and analyze it in the following way: What was Lyddie's decision? What were the circumstances under which Lyddie made this decision? Did she think that she had any other options? Can you think of any other options? What do you think the consequences of this decision will be? Who else is affected by this decision? Why did she make this decision? If you were to ask Lyddie why she made the decision, what do you think she would tell you?

Reader Response Rubric

My response:
Fully and clearly answers all parts of the question, demonstrates comprehension, thoughtfulness, and empathy. Provides insight into the characters, plot, time or setting of the book. Contains at least one relevant text-to-text/world/self connection I made to the text and has textual evidence and a page number. Clearly shows my thinking.
Fully answers all parts of the question, demonstrates comprehension and thoughtfulness, shows my thinking
Answers the question(s)
Answer is incomplete or unclear (I will revise it and hand it in again to be reassessed)
Response wasn't turned in (I will turn it in tomorrow because I know that handing work in late is much more responsible than not handing it in at all)